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I have been working with Tammy Daum. Tammy conducts weekly coaching sessions with me in which I track my Core Elements and learn key processes to assist in furthering my business. As part of our sessions I am accountable to Tammy by tracking my progress with prospects, presentations, and follow ups. This accountability has been key in the progress of my business as evidenced by my rank advancements and growth in my business.Through Tammy’s coaching I experienced tremendous growth of my business over this past year. We tracked the percent growth as year over year at 183% !!! That’s almost 3 times more commission for this year over last year!! Needless to say my husband and I are THRILLED and realize we would not be celebrating this significant increase in our business without the dedicated, core-driven, success-oriented coaching Tammy provides.Thank you, Tammy Daum, for helping us GROW!!

Caroline and Tim Tess



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